Tingling of tongue and lips after implants

| May 16, 2014 | 2 Comments

by Susan

I have a tingling sensation of my tongue and lips after having dental implants three days ago. I’m wondering if this is normal and will likely go away or should I consult my dentist to see if there is a problem?

The pain which lasted about twenty four hours was quite severe, however, it did go away after the first day. That is when I noticed the tingling or numbing sensation. I assume there was nerve damage and am wondering if this usually goes away on its own after some time or might there be something that needs to be done to try to correct this or is it likely that the feeling will be permanent?

I don’t notice anything that looks unusual in the area around the implants such as swelling or reddening and the remaining pain is very slight. If the tingling sensation persists, however, I may regret having the procedure done.


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  1. sandydig says:

    Could continually get better
    by: Stacey Norrell, RDH


    I would recommend contacting your oral surgeon as soon as possible to make him aware of the numbness and tingling. It is possible for this to get better but it is also possible that there is permanent nerve damage. The fact that there is some sensation is a positive sign. If the implant post is in fact on a nerve then it may be necessary to remove the post and replace with a shorter post.

    It is not uncommon for implants that are placed on the lower arch to irritate the nerves. This type of irritation will slowly subside on its own. Your oral surgeon will be able to assess your situation and should follow up with you frequently to check your progress.

    Have you had any improvement in the past few days?

    Stacey Norrell, RDH

  2. sandydig says:

    by: Georgie

    It has been 13 days since my extraction and at the same time implant. This was on my lower right side. Besides the continued pain generating from a lump at the base of the implant, my tongue is extremely painful as well especially along the same side of the tongue. The pain and burning sensation is similar to the feeling that on might have if you you bite on your tongue by mistake or coming out of numbness after surgery. It continues to be painful and a feeling of burning. The doctor has given me another subscription of antibiotics to help with possible infection at the base of the implant. He said if this does not clear up he will have to remove the implant. But I am very concerned about the tongue issue. After healing he will do another implant. But what about the tongue? Any suggestions as to what is causing this? Note I had an implant on the left side at the same time and all is doing well.
    Thank you for your help.

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