Tightness and pressure from dental implant

| May 2, 2014 | 24 Comments

by Louise Palmer
(Jensen Beach, FL)

Five months ago I had dental implant surgery on my two front teeth. The surgery was a success. No bleeding, no swelling and four months later the dentist gave me the thumbs up for the following procedures – the restoration.The permanent crowns were placed last November (2012) and from that moment on I have felt pressure and tightness from these dental implants.

I am very well aware of what crowns feel like. All my upper teeth are crowned and the molars on the bottom are also crowned. So I know that these two dental implants do not feel right/normal. I often want to yank them out.

the dentist sanded between these crowns and though it released some pressure between these crowns, it did nothing for the pressure up and down. This dentist does not know why I feel this pressure. He suggested I wait for several months and he believes that time will take care of this matter.

It is now March 2013 and I continue to feel this pressure and tightness. Can you suggest what might be causing this problem?

I am a healthy female and I do not smoke.


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  1. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure from dental implant
    by: Stacey Norrell, RDH


    If I understand correctly you were not experiencing any pressure or tightness until after the permanent crown was placed. I would recommend having your dentist take a new xray of the area. It sounds like the crown may not be fitting properly. It may be that the crown is slightly loose or was placed too tightly. Your dentist needs to make sure your bite is right to make sure to make sure force is distributed evenly when you chew. The dental xrays would also show if the bone had osseointegrated properly around the titanium dental implant and if the screw was loose at all.

    I would recommend scheduling an appointment with your dentist or oral surgeon who placed the implant to reevaluate the situation. It is not normal to have a constant feeling of tightness or pressure, especially after this time frame.

    Stacey Norrell, RDH

  2. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure
    by: Emad

    Hi Louise
    I am a dentist in Australia, one of my patients has the same complaint as yours and to be honest I can’t figure the reason. I was wondering what happened with the tightness and pressure sensation you have after inserting the crown?
    Is it still there? Have you found out why?

  3. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure from dental implant
    by: Louise Palmer

    Dear Emad in Australia,

    I apologize for taking so long in answering your querry. I have just arrived home from a trip.

    Nothing has changed. I continue to feel tightness and pressure around the dental implants. I saw my dentist yesterday and he is referring me to a prosthodontist. I will let you know the outcome after my consultation with this dentist.

  4. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure from dental implant NEW
    by: Louise Palmer

    To Stacey Norrell

    Thank you for taking the time to answer your thoughts on my problem with implants.

  5. sandydig says:

    Please help
    by: Anonymous

    HI ,
    I am in the process of having dentures and dental implants. Right now I am not wearing my top denture due to “possible shaving of rough edges off my jawbone from the oral surgeon.
    I sympathize with your story and would love to help you. I hope you are doing better and no pain.
    My question is this: Is this normal to have some
    shaving of rough edges of my jawbone?
    I had top teeth extracted march 13th and 9 bone graphts done on the top as well.

    I am currently out of work due to this effecting my current other health issues. Back issues and
    overall nutrional. Weight loss is expected ,I know..but I just need some feedback. My bottome dentures should be ready in 5 weeks. It is very hard to juggle so many appointments and issues but I am just trying to educate myself as I am only 36 yrs old and feel really helpless with the amount of costs, pain, healing time and etc. Your feedback will be appreciated…Thanks in advance,:0)

  6. sandydig says:

    Implant crown pain NEW
    by: LIz


    Whatever happened with the crowns? I am experiencing the same thing… and no one can figure it out. SOOO frustrated

  7. sandydig says:

    Implant crown pain NEW
    by: Liz

    Hi Louise,

    I am on my second prosthodontist. Neither one can figure it out. I am on my 3rd attempt to put the crown on. So far on this third attempt, I am about 2 weeks into it and would love to have it off and go back to the flipper. The pressure and tightness that I feel goes away when the crown is removed. This is also a front tooth. I am getting ready to just say forget it and stick with the flipper. Like you, I seemed to have no problem with the implant… the problem starts when the crown is put on. This problem bothers me enough that I live on anti-inflammatories. What a total nightmare? When you google implant crown pain, you will find a lot of posts with symptoms such as ours with unfortunately no resolutions. Both prosthodontists have admitted that they have never encountered this type of situation. Look forward to hearing from you.

  8. sandydig says:

    Tightness of almost full bridge screwed onto 4 implants
    by: David

    I have had 4 dental implants on the top gum and a one piece bridge comprising 9 teeth screwed onto the implants, following removal of the top 9 teeth. This is supposed to be a comparatively new method of attaching the bridge.
    I went for implants because the roots underneath the two 3 piece bridges I had were not sufficiently healthy to support new bridges, and I didn’t want false teeth which have to be taken in and out all the time.
    The aesthetics of the new teeth is very good and eating is also no problem – many things now being able to be eaten that I wouldn’t dream of when I had 2 x 3 piece bridges in, which came out very frequently. These were placed by a different dentist to the one who did the implants and the new bridge.
    Although I have had no pain at all following the implant surgery or after, I have experienced what I call a tightness between the bridge and the top gum.It is not a major problem but is sometimes irritating.The dentist says this should go away in due course but it has now been 6 months since this permanent bridge was fixed and a year since the implants were done. The bridge was added some 7-8 moths after the implants surgery.
    After removal of the teeth, the remaining gum seems close to the base of the nose. I don’t know whether this is a cause of the tightness. There is a very good fit between the bridge and the gum.
    I am not sure if this closeness is a cause of the tightness but it is my opinion that the tightness may be caused by stress between the various parts of the bridge and the gum as a result of possibly uneven tightening.The screws are simply tightened to ensure a good fit of the bridge to the gum. I am about to suggest to the dentist on my next visit that perhaps the screws need to be tightened to a set torque value, but also with some means of checking the stress between the various parts of the gum/bridge, to minimise any differences in stress. I believe zero/minimum stress should minimise the tightness sensation.
    Sensor technology exists to check stress between various screw tightened sections.
    The screw in procedure and after effects appear to require more dedicated research by the dental organisations to minimise / eliminate this problem. The implant and bridge procedures are not cheap and such work needs to be carried out to give a better service to patients.
    Perhaps the tightness will disappear in time but I think it probably will not unless something is done to minimise the stress.
    It should be noted, I am happier with the teeth I now have even though the tightness exits, it is not a major problem for me, just annoying sometimes.
    Any other comments by anyone who has had several front teeth removed and implants with screwed in bridges attached would be appreciated.
    Thanks for reading

  9. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure from dental implants
    by: Louise Palmer

    This is for all those folks who have experienced tightness and pressure after having crowns placed on dental implants. It has been since November 20, 2012 when I had the crowns placed on the dental implants. I immediately felt lots of pressure and tightness. After several visits with the dentist who placed the crowns, and to no avail, he then sent me to see a prosthodontist. Unfortunately, it is bad news. This prosthodontist did not find any cause for the pressure. He actually believes that all the work done by the dentist who did the implants and the dentist who placed the crowns is done very well. I am very upset at this outcome. This prosthodontist actually said that he is confused about my complaint. Emad, have you found out the cause of your patient’s discomfort by now? Someone please out there, tell me what has been causing the pressure when all appears to have been done properly?

  10. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure from dental implant
    by: Louise

    To Liz

    I have seen the prosthodontist and he cannot find anything wrong. This is very frustrating for me. He actually called the dentist who placed the crowns and told him he did a good job and there should not be any pressure as he sees no reason why there is. So now I have been recommended to see the dentist once again and he will sand between no. 11 and the lateral. They are certain (the prosthodontist and the dentist who placed the crowns) that this will alleviate the tightness. Will keep you informed.

  11. sandydig says:

    Implant crowns-mine are feeling better
    by: Liz

    Hi Louise,

    I am glad you posted to give an update. My status is that my implant crown, which is still a temporary as I have refused to go(pay for) a final crown until this issue has been resolved is much better. I say I am about 90% there. I still feel a little pulling at times but nothing where I have to take something for pain After having had the crown removed several times due to discomfort it is finally much better. I am seeing a second prosthodontist who is really working with me to get it right. My first prosthodontist basically said he could no longer treat me as he can’t see why I am still having a problem and there is nothing he can do. My second prosthodontist contoured the crown way down so that it was not pulling,pressing on the gum so much. I have a thin gum tissue biotype and some periodontal disease. The first prosthodontist was pulling the gum so much to achieve an aesthetic result. I think it was more than my gums could take. The second guy is not working with the gum so much. He screwed the crown on and did not work the gum so much. It is less of an aesthetic result but I am much more comfortable. I also do not have a gummy smile so no one ever notices and honestly it looks pretty good. The tightness and pulling you are feeling may have something to do with the gum. The first prosthodontist would not compromise an aesthetic result but that meant I was unable to get a tooth that was comfortable. The second guy is willing to do what it takes so that I have a tooth that is comfortable. I also believe that if the tooth is not comfortable from the beginning it is not going to be comfortable later. Maybe it needs an adjustment period of a few days to a week but after that it should be comfortable. If not, it’s wrong (my opinion) Try to look into the gum and the pulling of the tissue. The second prosthodontist said the pulling, tightness, pressure and aching is very likely a response from the gum tissue. I think your dentists should look at contouring the crown in a way that alleviates pressure on the gum. I feel for you as I have been ready to give up and go back to the flipper. It has been a long haul and not so easy and I am still not to final crown. Good Luck and post back with updates.

  12. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure from dental implant
    by: Louise

    To Emad and Liz

    I have replied to both of you and given you the latest development after meeting with a prosthodontist. Have you seen my message? I cannot see the two messages I sent and I am not understanding why they do not appear on-line.

  13. sandydig says:

    Pinching/Pulling of Dental Implant
    by: Anonymous

    This particular post has interested me since I too have been having similar problems, but mine is with an implant that was done well over a year ago. I not really experiencing any pain in the implant, but rather a pinching feeling in the implant area. I did have a bone graft and there was a several month period in which it was allowed to set/heal before the implant was put in. I have not redness, swelling or discharge coming from the uncomfortable area. I do not smoke either. Is it possible that I damaged the implant eating something hard?

  14. sandydig says:

    tightness and pressure from dental implants
    by: Louise

    To everyone who is suffering with tightness and pressure from dental implants –

    I saw my dentist (the one who placed the crowns on the implants) a few days ago. He sanded between no. 11 (implant) and the lateral (ordinary crown) next to this implant. This seems to have released pressure that I felt on the implants. This is strange for me, as I had sanding done soon after the crowns were placed on the implants and it did not really reduce the pressure. I am comfortable most of the time except that I continue to feel differently in the area of the implants. I do not feel anything where I have other crowns, but the sensation I get from the implants is that they are made of steel or concrete. It is a strange feeling, not at all like the other crowns. I have set up an appointment with the prosthodontist, that I saw last week, for the end of October. If at that time, I continue to be dissatisfied with the implants, I will have them redone. The scary part here is that this prosthodontist will not guarantee a successful result.

  15. sandydig says:

    Discomfort from Dental Crowns
    by: Anonymous


    I have read all of these posts and am very scared now. I have had 3 root canals (2 on the same tooth) and 2 crowns and I have constant pressure on those two teeth. The dentist diagnosed me with stress induced TMJD, but I have serious doubts about that. He wanted to fit me with a mouth guard to retrain my jaws to close in the proper position, but if it’s stress induced, how is that mouth guard supposed to help? Help line his pocket with $4500 is all I can guess. I have to chew gum ALL THE TIME which sort of helps distract me from the way my teeth fell. I am constantly running my tongue along them because they feel weird. I can’t describe it other than a tight feeling. I feel like I have to floss constantly to help make room between my teeth but that doesn’t work that well either. I talk on the phone all day long at work and I don’t want to chew gum in my customers ears. I want to just rip them out and be done with them. Any ideas on what I can do to alleviate this discomfort?

  16. sandydig says:

    Discomfort from dental crowns
    by: Louise

    I have several crowns and I do not feel the discomfort that you are experiencing and I have had these crowns for many years. My problem is with the dental implant crowns that I had done in November of 2012. I would recommend that you have your dentist file between the crowns that are tight and see how that helps.

  17. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure from dental implant
    by: Marie

    Your posts are very helpful. I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling the tightness and pressure. Due to a bike accident, I broke my front tooth. It took almost 3 years before the tooth gave up on me.
    I had the tooth removed then an immediate implant on May 14, 2013. The surgeon had to do a bone graft. I was wearing a denture until he checked again Sept 26, 2013 and announce that the implant was ready for the fitting. On Oct 21, I was scheduled for the fitting with my dentist. I felt a little “pinch” when he placed the crown – but the pain did not last after 24 hours. Although I experience no pain but always have that strange feeling like something is tight up there. Can it be the sign of a loose implant? Why did I feel a little pain at fitting?

    Many thanks

  18. sandydig says:

    implant crown
    by: Liz

    Hi Marie,

    Good Luck with your tooth. I am one of the posters above and I have written about my situation on the thread. My discomfort only came about when the crown was placed. I had no problems with the implant. My implant was placed July 2012 and did not get the final crown for a year as I was having so much discomfort after the temporary crown was placed. You and others have described the exact sensation I had felt and sometimes still feel. I really believe it is the gums reaction to the crown. I am hoping it will settle completely as time passes. It’s still not great but better than it was. What can we do? Definitely find a dentist that will work with you. They can contour and make adjustments. Mine is also a front tooth…
    Wondering how Louise(OP) is doing? My mother has multiple implants and loves them…says they feel like natural teeth…. I wish I felt the same.

  19. sandydig says:

    Tightness and Pressure
    by: Emad

    Hi Louise
    Thanks for your feed back and sorry for getting back to you sooner. My patient is still having the same problem. She feels tightness and pressure from the implant crown and gets worst during the day, and I can’t find reason or explanation to her problem. I am seeing her again on Monday, if there is any change I will keep you posted.

  20. sandydig says:

    by: Liz

    Hi Emad

    I am going through the same as your patient and the others that have posted. I also have symptoms throughout the day but none during sleep as the discomfort never wakes me up. I also basically wake symptom free and for like an hour or two I am good. I also want to mention that through this whole thing I did seek the advice of a medical doctor. In the past I have been prescribed both lyrica and elavil. I will say that both have helped in the orofacial pain department. Lyrica is good for the neuralgia like electric stabbing pain. Elavil,tricyclic antidepressant, is good for that deep dull pressure ache that can be seen with atypical odontalgia. I have found some relief with these medications. Good Luck

  21. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure after crown was placed
    by: Marie


    The surgeon saw me 10 days ago. The xray looked good but he thought the fitting was scheduled a little early i.e. the implant was not fully integrated at the time. He could feel that the crown wasn’t completely stable! I was told not to eat on the side where the implant is and he wanted to see me again in a month.

    After the appointment, since he was a little hard on the crown, it felt strange and uncomfortable for almost a week. This week I feel more normal – the tightness and pressure are much much less if not almost gone. I really don’t want to go through the whole procedure again…

    Probably front tooth should wait longer at least 6-7 months before the crown?


  22. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure from dental implant NEW
    by: Louise

    I will bring you up to date. It has been 15 months since I had the crowns fitted on the implants. I don’t recall mentioning that I had a sliver of gum tissue protruding between the two implants. This was caused when the dentist fitted me with the crowns. I saw the specialist who did the implants and he performed a gingavectomy. It worked out very well except that I now have a space between the two implants. And I tend to suck in air through this gap and it drives me a little crazy. As for the pressure, I had another sanding done between one implant and the lateral and it has alleviated to a degree some of the pressure. I do not have pain; only a discomfort that I do not experience with other crowns. I am with Marie’s mother – I would like to have my implants feel like normal teeth. I have an appointment with the top specialist in Canada to have the implants redone in April. I have plenty of time to think about it. Even though I do not want to go through with this procedure again, I am almost 99% sure that I will do it. I am not guaranteed a success story; however, if I do not try, I will never know if it could be better. If anyone have had other experiences, I would like to hear from you.

  23. sandydig says:

    Same Same NEW
    by: Joe

    Hi Guys,

    Really appreciate all your comments and stories.

    I am also in the same boat. I had a front tooth (root canal) removed in March 2013. I waited 4 months then had an implant put in by a highly renowned surgeon in Germany. Everything felt fine up to this point.

    After another 4 months I had a porcelain crown attached and have experienced a very unpleasant tightness ever since. It has been 4 months since the procedure and it is having a negative effect on my mood and sense of wellbeing.

    I have been waiting hoping it will go away but it doesn’t. There is no pain, just intense pressure. When the surgeon tapped on the implant before placing the crown it felt very unpleasant but not painful, though he felt it was ready.

    I have been in thailand travelling and now return to Australia. I will endeavour to find a solution that doesn’t require removal and post again.

    The german dentist suggested I take a bone growth supplement and get a dentist to check to see if filing down the tip of the tooth will help (as it may be pressing on the lower teeth, though I don’t think it is).

    Filing sounds interesting.

    I will persevere and let you all know what works!

  24. sandydig says:

    Tightness and pressure from dental implants NEW
    by: Louise

    To all of you who are experiencing tightness and/or pressure. If after an exam of your implants, your dentist says that all is well, then have your dentist sand between the crowns. You will most likely feel an immediate relief. If that is the case, wait a couple of weeks and if the tightness continues, have your dentist do a bit more sanding. I rarely feel any tightness now in the implant area. What I do not like is when I do, I want to pull out the implants. I am not experiencing pain, just an annoyance at feeling like I have two concrete teeth in my mouth.

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