Tight feeling and sore gum from dental implant

| May 2, 2014 | 1 Comment

by John Mckeague
(Batavia, il)

Tight feeling and sore gum from dental implant:

I had my implant placed over 2 years ago and the crown about 9 months later. From the day the crown was placed it had felt tight . Still feels that way after more than a year. And the gum on the outside (tooth 2) feels sore when light pressure applied.

Oral surgeon checked it out 6 months ago and said all was fine but had no explanation for the symptom. How much time is enough to wait for this to improve?

My guess is that the placement of the cap or the size of the cap have something to do with the problem, but neither the oral surgeon nor the dentist who put on the cap have indicated this to me . The oral surgeon took an X-ray and the dentist just took a look. Both appear to be scratching their heads as to what the issue is. So how should I proceed ?


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  1. sandydig says:

    Tight Gums Around Dental Implant
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    Hi John,

    It could possibly be that your crown is slightly closer to the gums than what is idea. By slightly we’re talking fractions of a millimeter. Over time the gums should respond to this and creep away if there is a problem. Because it has already been so long I don’t think this is the issue. When the crown was placed it makes a new contour along your gumlines. It may simply be that you’ve not become accustomed to the margin, even though there is nothing wrong with it.

    Be sure that you are flossing tightly around the area at least once a day. Wrap the floss in a “c” shape around the tooth and slide along the crown all the way down under the gums, to clean the area. When doing this on a daily basis it should help make the area more comfortable. Even a minute particle of plaque can cause small inflammatory responses that will make the gums swollen or feel tight.

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