Teeth spacers failed to hold open space for implants

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by c
(Spring Grove illinois)

My daughter is 18 has had her braces off for four years. She was born missing two bottom teeth so after braces a spacer was put in to maintain the space until she turned 18 and permanent implants where to be put in.

We were informed that the spacers did not hold and we need about a centimeter on both sides. She is on her way to college and refuses to put full mouth braces on. What are my options to reopen space? Can I use inside braces to open space please help there must be an invisible way of preforming this procedure.

My youngest daughter was born with the same issue missing her two bottom teeth. Is it possible to use inside braces to fix this problem? she has already spent 4 years in braces and with technology today it seems impossible that the only method would be a full mouth of silver braces in college thank you


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  1. sandydig says:

    Look into Invisalign
    by: Stacey Norrell

    Typically if space maintainers are done correctly they do an excellent job of holding open the space by not allowing the tooth behing the gap to lean into the space. If the space has closed to the point where placing an implant is not possible then braces to open the space back up is an option.

    Ask the orthodontist about doing invisalign braces. I would not recommend putting the metal brackets on the inside of the teeth. That is not very common practice though I believe some orthodontist will do that. They are extremely difficult to keep clean and may cause trauma to the tongue. The invisible liners offered by invisalign will offer your college student a more discrete way of correcting the alignment of her teeth.

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