swollen gum around implant

| March 27, 2014 | 1 Comment

by Louise

Around six years ago I had two dental implants holding a four unit bridge in my bottom front. I have had no problems what so ever with the implant, I’ve had two x-rays with my regular dentist – and the x-rays have always been fine.

I also have regular appointments with my hygienist and have good overall oral health. However, my regular dentist did not fit the implants and is not an implantologist.

Recently I have noticed very slight swelling around one of the implants, no pain or discharge at all and the implant is rock solid…I was just wondering what this could be?
If it was anything to cause concern would my regular dentist if spotted it? I’m planning making an appointment with the implant specialist tomorrow.


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  1. sandydig says:

    swollen gum around implant
    by: Stacey Norrell, RDH


    Has it been a while since you have had them cleaned? I know a lot of my patients start having a little (or a lot) inflammation around the gumline as tarter starts building up between cleanings. However, you do need to rule out infection. If the gums are oozing then infection may be present and you may need antibiotics to clear it up. Your general dentist should be able to determine if there is any need to see your specialist.

    Feb 10, 2014
    swollen gums over top of 2 implants
    by: jaybird

    I went to my Dentist back in Mar. last yr. had upper and lower teeth removed. I had 2 lower implant to hold lower plate, It’s been going on 7 mo and the gums are inflamed over the implants. Show no infection. One implant is parcel exposed and the other is still covered. What is causing this. They x-rayed the implants from lower jaw bone and the complete side. Seem like they won’t heal. I take blood thinners for my heart but they say that should make no difference. Is my body rejecting the implants. I can’t get my Dentures until they been exposed and healing caps. What do u suggest. Jaybird

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