Side load to an implant cause long term problems

| May 2, 2014 | 2 Comments

by Norm

Can an orthodontic device creating side load to an implant cause long term problems ?
I require wearing an orthodontic retainer at night, which applies pressure to all my teeth in order to rectify their positions.

As a result, the retainer is creating some side loads to an implant mounted crown. Is spite of the dentist making adjustment to the retainer so it does not touch the crown directly, the pressure the retainer applies to the rest of the teeth and their movements end up creating pressure on the crown.

I will have to use that retainer for the long term.
I have heard that applying side load to an implant could lead to long term problems, including loss of bone mass around the implant.

1) Is there any literature on documented cases where side loads actually led to problems with dental implants?

2)How long does it usually take for bone loss related to side loads starts to be noticeable? Is X-Ray to best way to monitor bone loss?

3)Has there been any link established between orthodontic retainers and implant problems?

4)What have been to solutions used in the past for similar cases?

Thank you


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  1. sandydig says:

    Long Term Implant Problems
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    Hi Norm,

    Your retainer is helping maintain the position of your other teeth. If the other teeth shift, they themselves would also create pressure on your implant tooth. It’s a good idea to continue wearing your retainer in order to maintain all of the spacing, even if there is some pressure applied to the other teeth. If bone damage were to occur, this would be noticeable in routine x-rays at your dental office. Most teeth when moved will have some bone resorption and then reformation as the tooth is moved. There could actually be more damage on your implant if the teeth move from not wearing your retainer. When in doubt, bring your retainer to your next dental visit and ask them to check to see if they have any visible concerns.

  2. sandydig says:

    Retainer pressure causing problems
    by: Anonymous

    First of all I understand your concerns and would love a follow up to how u r doing and if u are still wearing Ortho retainer over your teeth/implant. Last year my daughter had to get an implant in top front which looked beautiful…she had an impression at Ortho after this and we got an Invisalign type of top retainer which as very tight right away , but Ortho said its supposed to be like that and to deal with it. Well, she did, for three months until one day the tooth dropped down and the post was falling out. Next day had another surgery to rebuild jaw bone in that area and head toward another implant. A year later we just got the new implant in and all was fine till two nights ago her implant area hurts from retainer –so our fear of losing it again is here, dear lord not again . We told her mot to wear it again till we call dr o monday–Calling Ortho and surgeon first thing Monday to see what we have to do…plz let me l know what they tell u and I will do same…

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