Should crown on abutment be tight before gluing?

| March 27, 2014 | 1 Comment

by Jeff
(boca Florida)

I have had 7 implants so far.

I am not crazy about the lab work on some of my implant teeth. If my dentist drills the bite or tries to polish, it seems to make the tooth feel rougher.

I have had 28 crowns in the past – all done by some one else and never had this problem.

my #1 concern is:

I am doing tooth #18 and teeth #19,20,21 in a bridge. 19 and 20 have the implants and 18 is a stand alone.
when he put the teeth in to test the bite and fit, @18 did not have a snug fit – if it was on top it would just fall out without glue.

Is the glue doing 100% of the holding the tooth ?
or should the tooth be snug and the glue helps it from falling out. by working together ?

#18 feels fine, I’m just worried that with only the glue holding the tooth – I might loose the tooth.
The bridge didn’t fit right so the dentist had to drill a lot around the abutment but still could not get the bridge low enough to touch the gum line so he had to take a 2ND impression..


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  1. sandydig says:

    by: Stacey Norrell, RDH


    Once a crown is permanently cemented on you should not feel the crown move at all. It sounds like it was not fitting well from the moment he placed it. It seems like the bridge was not fitting properly either. Since he took new impressions, I assume he is making you a new bridge. When you go back to have the bridge seated definitely mention to him your concerns about the crown on #18. No crown will stay on without being cemented on so in a way, yes, the “glue” is holding the tooth on but there should be adequate structure underneath the crown to create a stable base and the cement will hold the crown snug and it should not come off with normal activity.

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