Rejected the dental implant

| November 1, 2013 | 1 Comment

by Liliana

Hi, June this year my dentist has inserted me two straumann’s implants in the upper jaw. From the very beginning it was very complicated because I didn’t have enough space in the jaw. Should be 5mm of free space both sides of the implant and I had 5mm in totally, including implant. However the dentist manage to insert me the thinnest implants and he didn’t injure the bone of adjacent’s teeth.

I was very happy, thinking everything went so well. But after some time the right side started to hurt me and the gum turned all red, very swollen. When I made an emergency appointment my dentist informed me that I had rejected the dental implant, from unknown reasons ( I have full confidence in my dentist’s competency) and he removed the implant.

2 weeks later he had to remove the second one because the bone in between my implant and tooth did not grow much to integrate with the implant. 3 months later after x-ray he saw that the bone was not regenerating. He did special surgery of regeneration of the bone tissue and now I’m waiting for the results.

My QUESTION IS : IS IT SAFE TO REPEAT THE SURGERY AND PLACE THE IMPLANTS AGAIN? WILL IT WORK THIS TIME? If once implants were rejected ( for UNKNOWN reasons) may it happen again? What are the chances? Or maybe should I rather think about dental bridges?


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  1. sandydig says:

    Rejected Dental Implant
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    Hi Liliana,

    I completely agree with the method of treatment that your dentist chose to complete. Any time there is active infection or rejection it is best to remove the appliance so that more damage isn’t done than there is good. Allowing more bone to be placed is a great procedure that can give you a better chance to place another implant for better success. Your dentist may want to try a different type of implant or just place one this time to see how it responds. if it were me I would have another implant placed rather than do invasive treatment on the adjacent teeth as with a dental bridge. Only time will tell to see how your body responds to the material and the bone graft.

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