Placing a Cantilever Temporary Bridge over Implants?

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I need to have dental implants placed in extracted teeth 3,4,and 5- (upper right side).

Teeth 3 & 4 were extracted a year or so ago and a Sinus Augmentation, Osseous surgery and Endosteel implants were placed in teeth 3 and 4.
I have had a temporary bridge since anchored by tooth 5 and 2 and due to stress placed on tooth 5 – a fracture and much bone loss has occurred.

Without having to cut down my canine tooth and without having to use a removable piece – what would you suggest my options are at this point?

In addition, I had 2 implants placed in lower left – 18 and 19. I currently have a 4 unit temporary bridge securing it with 17 and 20. Now 19 needs to be extracted due to an occasional infection that stirs up. After this tooth is extracted, Is it necessary to have an implant placed in the back left side of my mouth – or – can I leave it as is once extracted.

I am very concerned with aesthetics and I am trying to find the best solution.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Thank you in advance.

Hingham, Ma


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