Pain following crown attachment to dental implant

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by G

I have pain following crown attachment to dental implant – The prosthodontist had a lot of problems attaching the crown to my implant (upper premolar). the procedure took two hours and required repeated screwing & unscrewing and force / pushing to get the crown seated. immediately after, I had pain on the whole left side of my mouth & could not eat on that side. it has now been 9 weeks and I still have intermittent throbbing / shooting pain & cannot eat on that side.

I have been to several dentists and specialists for assessment. the molar next to the implant tooth has been root-filled; apparently one of the roots there is inflamed, as well as the canine root on the other side of the implant. The endodontist doesn’t think it warrants surgery though. I had the crown removed, and a copious amount of pus was drained. this did not relieve the pain. the pain involves all the teeth on that side, including the incisors, except the very rear molar. I have mild pain and discomfort in the sinus / nose on that side.

I’m concerned that these teeth have been damaged through the sheer force of pushing, and that the implant may have been pushed through the sinus, or that I have an infection around the implant.

would any of these explain the ongoing pain? no-one I have consulted with seems to know.


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  1. sandydig says:

    Pain on Side With Implant NEW
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    Hi G,

    I can understand some discomfort immediately after such a rough appointment, but for it to be 9 weeks later and you have pus draining and intermittent pain there is definitely something else going on. There is an infection somewhere…whether it is a failed root canal, a new periodontal abscess, or a sinus perforation…it needs to be pinpointed. An endodontist would best be suited to determine whether or not there is a failure of the existing root canal or if the other tooth is causing the infection…these infections can spread across the general area and affect other teeth. Otherwise you may need to have an oral surgeon to do an MRI to check that your sinus is not perforated.


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