Pain after implant surgery

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Janice Wright

I had implant surgery 1.5 yrs ago. I had two implants put in lower jaw (I had very little bone) I have been in so much pain from the day I got them.

Dr told me that he nicked the nerve and he had a very hard time getting me to stop bleeding. I was in the chair for 8 hours. I was so swollen and the pain started then. The pain is so bad at times I just want to die.

My pain is burning lip electricity having a really hard time chewing it makes the pain unbearable – I drool down the side of mouth. At times my teeth lower right will hurt other times my teeth will be numb but will still hurt so bad my chin feels more numb
But hurts all the time.

I had implants removed this week I am in lots of pain it took surgeon two hrs What went wrong I would never go to a dentist for implant


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  1. Stacey Norrell says:


    The tingling lip and numbness you are experiencing confirms that your surgeon did in fact come in contact with the nerve. Depending on how extensive the nerve damage is, you may over time have a full recovery. The implant post may have been too long for the amount of bone that you had available to work with and left the post in contact with the nerve or it may have been beneficial for you to have had some artificial bone placed prior to the implant placement. The xrays or a CT scan would have shown whether or not the implant post was in contact with the nerve. Without your xrays and complete case history from your oral surgeon I cannot tell you exactly what went wrong, but this is what I would suspect from the information you provided.

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