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by Dr. Nirav Shah
(Baroda, Gujarat, India)



I planned this patient for implant supported overdenture… attaching the post operative opg taken after 2 months of implant placement… still no sign of osteointegration… any suggestion or tip?


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  1. sandydig says:

    by: Anonymous

    A few questions to be asked:

    How are you determining that there is no osseointegration?
    You can’t really see it by X-ray!

    2 months is too short of a time for osseointegration..

    Give it more time.

    by: Sharon B., RDH

    It’s difficult to tell from the x-rays. The lower implants from what you can see on the web image the lower ones look ok. Is it possible for you to go in and add a bone graft at this point, since they are still early on in the healing process? otherwise if the integration does not take place you might want to consider taking them out and replacing them in another portion of the jaw.
    Dec 17, 2012
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    by: Nirav

    than how to determine exactly that ossteointegration is done????
    What is the ideal time should i give after the placement of implant????

    by: Sharon B., RDH

    Osseointegration of an implant is typically complete by about 6 months post placement. Only your dentist can verify the osseointegration quality through x-rays or similar imaging.

    by: Anonymous

    You can’t determine osseointegration by just looking at an OPG. It can only be determined during implant uncovering. When u unscrew the cover screw & screw in the healing abutment, you should be able to tell if the implant is firm, or it rotates/spins within the osteotomy (a ‘spinner’). The latter indicates failed/incomplete osseointegration.

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