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I had trauma to the face several years ago and had root canals and crowns on my front top three teeth. Two years ago, #10 tooth felt sore when pushing a spot right below my nose. I had an apicoectomy done, took amoxicillin, and it was fine until a year later. After the second infection showed up, I had the tooth pulled, went on clindamycin, and a few months later my dentist placed an implant (that was Dec. 2012). I went on clindamycin after this procedure.

This year in June 2013, I started having headaches and not feeling well. After a week of that, a boil/pustule full of pus formed over that same tooth. My dentist uncovered the implant and did a bone graft over the top of the implant where the infection had eaten the bone away. He soaked it in clindamycin and I took clindamycin orally afterwards.

Six weeks after that, I started feeling bad again. My dentist put me on another round of clindamycin coupled with metronidazole. A 3D CONE x-ray showed that there was infection behind the top of the implant. This time, I had an oral surgeon uncover the implant and clean it out. He shocked me by taking only 10 minutes to uncover the implant and clean the infection. I asked him if he was sure he got all of it because my dentist said it would be difficult to remove the infection from behind the implant without removing the implant. The oral surgeon kind of gave me a glazed-over look and said he got it all. I felt in my gut that he did not get it all. He said I needed another bone graft and a gum graft to cover the hole in the gums left by the boil.

A week after that, the infection came back again. Now, I am taking amoxicillin and have seen a periodontist who wants to do a gum graft and place gum from the inside of my mouth over the implant so there isn’t a hole anymore.

After five infections, multiple rounds of antibiotics, and seeing four different doctors (2 dentists, 1 oral surgeon, 1 periodontist), is there any end in sight for me? I have severe anxiety about this and feel helpless and hopeless. I feel bad, physically, all the time and it affects my job.

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