Loose Dental Implants

| May 2, 2014 | 2 Comments

by Sharon Congdon
(Crossville, Tn. USA)

Loose Dental Implants –

I had Dental Implants placed 9 years ago due to extensive radiation ruining my teeth at which time, I had a full mouth of my own teeth. I had to have them pulled and dental implants put in. The bottom implants completely fell out 3 years ago so I now have clip in dentures.

My problem now is the tops which are all connected are very loose and I don’t know what to do or who to see. I have spent over $40,000 on implants and cannot afford that again. I am a 66 year old female, post laryngectomy 11 years.

Please advise,

Sharon Congdon missysmama@comcast.net

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  1. sandydig says:

    Loose Implant Problem NEW
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through so many health related expenses and processes to maintain your health. If it were me, I would look into the closest dental school implantology program to determine whether or not they can help you out. I’m worried that maybe you’ve had residual bone loss which is causing them to fail, which would mean you need to get new implant snap in dentures on the upper as well. Otherwise you could possibly network with any cancer support groups or your church to determine if there are any dentists in your networks who could be able to help you out at-cost to get your upper teeth back functioning again. I would go into it expecting a snap in denture on the upper, but anything better will be wonderful!

  2. sandydig says:

    Answr back to Samuel
    by: Anonymous

    Hi Samuel, Thanks for your input into my Dental problem.I have always and most likely will
    be a tooth person. AS I stated, before all the cancer mess, I had all my own teeth but the radiation did a number on them I had 72 rad.t’ments 2xday for 2 1/2 mos. Very extensive. I am 66 y.o. now and cannot even think of having no teeth.
    I have to explore any avenue I can think of. We live in a rural area of TN. and have to go to the bigger cities for any kind of good care. I am going to try and make an appt., with a local Dentist, the one I saw for the clip ins and see if she can possibly give me a break. The bottom clip ins wwere 5,000 for those and 2,000 more for extractiona and mold fittings. If you hear of anything else that wold benefitme, Please give me a holler. Sharon C.

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