Implants broke off

| November 1, 2013 | 1 Comment

My Husband had full mouth dental implants done. The final implants are in for about three months now and yesterday 3 teeth in front broke of.
This happened also with the temporary implants he had for 5 months, is this a common problem?
His dentist assured him that the permanent implants would be stronger then the temporary ones.
Also he has to flush his theeth after every meal there is a lot of food getting trapped under the implants
I would appreciate your comment.

Mrs. Koebelein


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  1. Stacey Norrell says:

    I am assuming that the actual implant did not break off, but the permanent crown that had been cemented on the implant abutment. Ideally, the crowns sit flush with the tissue and have good proximal contacts with the teeth or crowns on each side of the tooth so that trapping food under the implants isn’t common. It is imperative that he keep the area clean by properly brushing and flossing. If there is not a good tight fit then the swishing vigorously will help sweep out the debris.

    The concern is WHY do the crowns keep coming off? It is possible that if his “bite” isn’t correct then there may be an unusual amount of occlusal force placed on those teeth with the chews. If he is grinding or clenching at all (possibly at night) this would also put additional pressure on these teeth.

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