Implant dentist may be after more money from me

| March 27, 2014 | 1 Comment

by JZ

I had 16 implants fitted (9 in the top and 7 in the bottom jaw) in October 2011. I had been wearing a denture before the treatment and still am (April 2013). I was wondering if because I have not had the implant crowns fitted sooner is there a high chance of my implants failing?

Also: I went to see dentist (my dentist who fitted the implants was ignoring me despite trying for months to get in touch with him about my problem) so I went to go and see another dentist who took x-rays and said all my teeth have integrated perfectly they only problem is that they’re is a small amount of bone loss in my lower jaw that he said if I was his patient he’d be happy to load the crowns and would keep an eye on the bone loss, however he can’t do this because the implants the other dentist used do not match his therefor he can’t take me on as a patient.

He contacted my dentist to ask about the implants and my dentist that did the implants contacted me after months of not contacting. We arranged an appointment and I went to go and see him. He said every single implant in my top jaw had failed and would need to be removed. I don’t believe him as the other dentist took better x rays and let me look at them and said they’ve integrated.

I think my implant dentist may be after more money from me. He said wearing a denture for so long can cause implants to fail and I know this can be the case however, he fitted me with another denture that is so much tighter than my original one and feels as though they’re putting a lot of pressure on my implants. I did wear them for a while but the pain was so unbearable that I had to put my original dentures back in.

Does this sound like he is trying to make them fail? He said he wants to remove all my implants in June then start the treatment all over again obviously costing me more money.

I feel as though he is trying to make my implants fail and trying to make more money out of me ?

Please help. Really need advice

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  1. sandydig says:

    Implant dentist may be after more money from me
    by: Stacey Norrell, RdH

    I would definitely seek another opinion! I know you had a 2nd opinion but since that particular dentist was not able to help you I would find one that could and go for a consultation! Having to remove 16 dental implants seems extreme.

    The x-rays would have revealed whether or not the bone level was healthy. It concerns me that you got two completely different answers. Wearing dentures does put constant pressure on the bone and can lead to bone loss, however, losing 16 dental implants in that amount of time is rare.

    Do not let the implant dentist remove anything until you seek further advice.

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