How to clean my implants

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I have a full set of Non removal dentures on 9 implants. I was under the impression that there should be space enough to floss. There is no way to get floss under my teeth. I just went back for an annual cleaning and he found a little soft residue of food.

After he cleaned them and put everything back in after relining them , he supposedly has them tight enough that nothing gets under them. I brush and use a water pick. Sometimes even on gentle cycle I will feel a sting and then my gums or tissue bleeds for a little bit. Is it ok that I can’t floss. This was done at a medical college by one of the teachers.

I have questioned him about it and he just seems to act like everything is ok.
Please tell me if this is a right way or ,not.

The surgeon at the college had told me to make sure that I flossed around the implants but there is no space to get there. Help please.

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  1. sandydig says:

    How to clean my implants NEW
    by: Stacey Norrell, RDH

    Obviously as a dental hygienist I wish everyone could (and would!) floss, however, I do have patients that have bridgwork that is simply so snug to the gums that flossing is not an option. This sounds like this is the case with your implant denture. You may even cause more tissue trauma if you attempt to force a floss threader through those very tight spaces. With very little room for even floss, the plaque build up should be minimal.

    My advice is to keep using the waterpik to rinse underneath the implant. That is a great product! Also, swishing vigorously may help too, but keep us the good use of the waterpik.

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