Fractured tooth

| March 27, 2014 | 2 Comments

by Sahara
(Eatontown, NJ)

Having problems with my left lower jaw for a while. The tooth next to the first molar had huge sensitivity. The dentist couldn’t confirm, but said it might be cavity. I was looking for a quick relief. Went for a filling.

18 months later I still have the sensitivity problem, and additionally the molar is loose, the gum and whole area are swelled and sore. This time the dentist deep cleaned the tooth and also filed the tooth because my bite was not aligned, hoping the problem would go away. But the problem continued.

I started reading on Internet. I asked the dentist for antibiotic to do the problem isolation between gum/tooth infection and other problems. The X-ray showed a black shadow in the middle of the molar (a Fractured tooth). After taking antibiotics for 10 days, I waited a couple of days just to see what happens. By then the soreness went away. But the swelled gum came back within the couple of days. Went back to the dentist. He took another x-ray. the black shadow is still there. He can see a hairline fracture in the tooth bone, bone loss. There is no cavity in the tooth, the tooth is good. He is saying that this molar is no good because of the bone loss.

The food is getting in and breeding the infection there. He is asking me to extract the tooth, get a permanent bridge, cap and replacement tooth across three teeth (the molar, one to the left and one to the right.

I do want to save the tooth if I can. Any alternative treatment for my situation so I can save the tooth?
Please advise.


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  1. sandydig says:

    Fractured tooth
    by: Stacey Norrell, RDH

    Antibiotics will help heal up any infection that was around the tooth but will do nothing for the fracture and bone loss. The tooth has become mobile (most likely) due to extreme bone loss (possible periodontal disease). Your dentist can treat periodontal disease but there is not a cure, only maintenance. It might would be possible to see a periodontist who could do a bone graft and attempt to save the tooth. However, if the tooth has a fractured root the bone grafting will not do you any good. Some teeth can be restored with a crown depending on where the fracture is. Sometimes also when there is a dark spot in the middle of the tooth visible on the xray it is possible that there is some internal resorption going on. Extraction would be the solution in that case. I do feel that your dentist has offered you the most reasonable solution as long as the 2 teeth on either side of the fractured one has good bone levels. If you are opposed to the bridge you could consult with an oral surgeon and see if your bone is healthy enough to do bone grafting into that area and place an implant.

  2. sandydig says:

    Perio, endo, or cracked tooth
    by: Anonymous

    I had a fractured tooth (#30 molar) which wasn’t visible through a x-ray. Initially I had a root canal and gold cap placed – trying to save the tooth. That lasted about 2 years until the infection started again.

    My solution, was to have the tooth extracted and an implant placed with a gold crown. That was a few years ago. So far so good.

    In my lay opinion, the infection can only be caused by:
    1) periodontal
    2) Endodontal , or a
    3) Cracked tooth.

    Since in my case it was not perio (not on one tooth); I already had a root canal, the only option was a cracked tooth. My husband and I had to come up with the above analysis. I presented this to a dentist and asked if there was another option. He said ‘no’.

    Anyway, that’s my story all only my opinion.
    Best of luck.

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