Dental Implants but no crowns

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I have Implants but no crowns – I had implant surgery two years ago which cost $7000 for three teeth. All uppers. My husband lost his job shortly after the surgery which meant that I could not get the crowns as the cost would have been an additional 5000.

I recently went to a denturist and got a partial denture while I save up the rest of the money to have the crowns done. My problem is that the denture has irritated two of the implants. It is very sore and semi swollen. I’m wondering if this is normal as there is a little pressure on the implants from the denture.

I have not had it in for two days now and I am taking Advil to reduce the swelling and discomfort. I would like to continue wearing it as I am embarrassed by the gap in my teeth which is quite visible when I smile. Also, could not having the crowns put on for this long of a time period effect the implants?

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  1. sandydig says:

    No Crowns On Implants NEW
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    Some types of implants are actually worn with entures or partial dentures, so as long as your partial fits correctly there should not be any irritation. It may be that your implant needs to be adjusted…I would see your dentist for a follow up so that he can make any adjustments in order for the partial to fit correctly and comfortably. It sounds like something is rubbing somewhere and a little tight. The teeth around the implants may have shifted some since there are no crowns on the implants, but the partial would have been made to fit these teeth so that should haven nothing to do with it.

    On a side note, I would look into a dental school near you to possibly have your crown work created there. It will cost a lot when it comes to spending time up there, but the monetary expense will be much less. Good luck!

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