Dental implant failures

| October 18, 2013 | 1 Comment

by Mike
(Chicago IL)

Should I be paying for these Dental implant failures ?

I had a tooth crack and my dentist could not save it. He recommended that I get an implant and referred me to a specialist. The specialist pulled my tooth, grafted some bone material, implanted the post and we waited a number of months, eventually he x-rayed the area and capped the post. My dentist made a crown & attached it to the post. That was in November, 2011.

In January, 2012 the crown with the post attached fell out. My dentist couldn’t believe it and said it was only the second time he had ever seen this happen. He also remarked that he thought the post was short.

I went back to the specialist in January and he was very surprised. He implanted a longer post and x-rayed it after a couple of weeks and suggested we wait 5 months before doing anything else. Today was the appointed day for capping the post. He cut tissue out that had grown over the post and began screwing on the cap and the whole post fell out again. He said that 3 to 5 % of implants don’t take and there was nothing more that he could do.

I asked him about the roughly $4,000.00 that I had paid him for the first implant and all he said is that he didn’t charge me for the second implant.

Do I have a cause of action against him? Do you think that he should have refunded the money that I paid to him?


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  1. sandydig says:

    Paying for Implants NEW
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    I’m very sorry to hear your experience. Unfortunately this does sometimes happen. If you are a smoker or have uncontrolled systemic health conditions (diabetes, etc.) it can also make you prone to implant failure. You implant dentist does have some overhead that he had to pay for (the post, material, bone, grafting, etc.) which he cannot get back. In my personal opinion since he has done 2 and they both failed, he has done all that he can do, and you have signed consent forms regarding the treatment that you received. If anything he could possibly refund a small portion, but basically he has already done this by footing the bill on implant #2. It is reasonable to not expect anything else from him.

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