Dental dentures implant

| August 29, 2013 | 1 Comment

by Laz Jackson
(Cairns, Qld, Australia)

Are dental dentures implant the right solution for me?

I have had full dentures for 37 years now. The outer walls of the dentures have been made thick to keep my lips and surrounds looking full.

I am considering getting implants but I don’t know – Will my mouth and lip area sink in when I get All on 4 bridges implanted?


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  1. sandydig says:

    The Right Solution
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    Hi Laz

    It’s hard to answer this question because your care provider will need to look at your bone structure, facial features and dental anatomy to give you a straight yes or no answer. Ultimately it will depend on whether or not you have enough bone structure to hold a full denture. Because you have had dentures already for 37 years I’m not quite sure if you will. Only a panoramic x-ray can determine this for sure.

    In regards to your facial profile, smile and lip appearance, this will be considered when fabricating your denture. Even implant dentures do cover the gums like a normal denture, but they are just held in place by the implants. Mini implants allow the denture to come in and out when needed (nightly) but help hold it snugly through the day. Permanent dentures will take up less space in the mouth, but should be able to be fabricated so that no spaces show when you smile. This is part of how your implant specialist and the laboratory will work close together to create a fit that is perfect.

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