Could the implant cause these symptoms?

| May 16, 2014 | 3 Comments

by Carol
(Gresham, Oregon)

I have a lower right molar implant placed 4 years ago. A year ago I developed right sided pressure around my right ear along with nausea, light head-ness, and fatigue. Many test, MRI, CT, carotid US, blood tests, and medications for migraines. None has helped.

I did physical therapy for Menieres syndrome but did not help. In October I fainted and all tests for concussion, brain abnormalities and heart problems were ruled out. Over the past 3 months the pressure has somewhat subsided but is still present especially when I lie on my right side. My question- could the implant cause these symptoms?

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  1. sandydig says:

    No, I don’t think it is the implant
    by: Stacey Norrell, RDH


    Most likely the dental implant is not causing the problems. Have you seen your oral surgeon or general dentist to rule out infection around the implant? I would assume with all the tests and scans that you have had done would have revealed an anomaly, cyst, or an tumors that could be forming in the mandibular area around the implant.

    If all xrays and scans of the jaw reveal healthy tissue and bone with no pathology present, I feel confident that the dental implant is not the cause of your pain.

    I hope they do find an answer for you soon and are able to get your life back to normal.

  2. sandydig says:

    Further to the tightness and pressure experienced after crowns were placed on dental implants
    by: Louise Palmer

    Has anyone gone to Mexico to have dental implants and crown placements done? I have been hearing that several people go to Mexico for what would be expensive dental procedures in North America and pay much less in Mexico and are also very satisfied with the dental work done. I do not know these people personally and so am wondering if anyone out there as resorted to going to Mexico to have their dental problems taken care of?

  3. sandydig says:

    Implant/Ear pressure
    by: Anonymous

    I had a dental implant done about 8 days ago and since that time I have had pressure in my right ear. The pressure is making me nauseated at times and I also feel a bit “dingy”. I feel like there is a cloudiness over my thought process. I definitely feel off, but can’t find anything on the internet about ear pressure post a dental implant.

    The dentist who did the implant indicated that he had to apply quite a bit of pressure to get the implant in. My bone is apparently very dense. On the conclusion of the procedure, he told me that he might have to have me back in to loosen the implant as he was concerned it might be too tight. I am now beginning to wonder if that is the source of the pressure. I’m thinking the torque he had to use to get the implant in is now creating pressure on the mandibular bone causing referred paint to my ear. For reference, this was a bottom right molar. #30 I met with the dentist yesterday and he gave me a nerve block on that side of my mouth to see if that alleviated the pain. His theory is that if this was referred pain I’d not have any pain once the nerve bock was in effect. Unfortunately, the nerve block did nothing to alleviate the ear pressure so he now wants me to see an ENT claiming this is not a dental implant issue. I’m about ready to go in and have him remove this thing. Looking for any feedback and answers. Thanks.

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