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I 66 years old and live on a small island in the Caribbean. We do not have any “implant specialists” on the island. I have just broken a tooth on the upper left side just to the left of the incisor. I have had an initial evaluation with a D.D.S. who tells me she has done her “fair share” of implants, although I have no way of verifying this. She took x-rays of the site and told me that an implant would be an appropriate choice. She said she first wants to clean up any existing decay in my other teeth to reduce potential bacteria in my mouth before beginning the implant procedure. She will then extract the remainder of the broken tooth and insert the screw at the time of the extraction. She said it will take at least 3 months of healing time before the next step of preparing the site for the attachment of a crown. My questions are these: since there is no way I can confirm her abilities in performing the implant procedure, how confident can I be with this dentist? Also, is an x-ray sufficient to assess the site for the procedure, especially as it relates to bone structure (she told me she will be taking x-rays as the screw insertion procedure is proceeding). Also: would a mini implant be an option for this relatively smaller space? I am especially nervous since this involves a tooth that shows when I smile. Unfortunately I do not have the capacity to scan a photo or x-ray. Please help – I am stressing myself out!


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