Bridgework Gone Bad

| May 16, 2014 | 1 Comment

by Murphy
(Oxford, Ma. )

I lost most of my natural teeth at 16 due to lack of proper dental care. In 2003 I had 11 implants top & bottom. On the top, I had bridgework designed by a company called “Bego”! The bridgework consisted of a male bar, attached to implants with a “U-shaped” denture housing the “female” part. It’s a “3-point” system meaning that, it has an “attachment” in the front, much like a “button snap” on a shirt and has two “pins” in the denture that push into two holes with in the bar! That was put in in 2006.

From “day 1″, the denture, never fit right! I had to “wait” til it “seated” onto the bar before I could “close the clasps”! I would get a “vise grip” feeling upon putting them-in in the morning!
Then at some point, the “attachment” broke, and he never noticed! This caused the denture to “start rocking” and that “egg-shaped” the holes! So, I paid to have the holes on the bar “re-welded” but they failed to see the attachment was broke, so, the rocking started not long after getting them back!

I then started to develop, “mouth burning” with periodic break outs of “hives” ANYWHERE, the denture, touched my mouth! I was then told, the “monomer” in the dental material, might be the problem! I went & got tested and “sure enough”, I showed, an allergy! Now, while these allergies are “rare” once the mold has been processed and the monomer in no longer in it’s “liquid form”, you can still, have a problem! This was my case! So, after years of not being able to afford the new material, in 2011, I forked out an additional $6000, above the $22,000 I had already spent for all the work, I gave them the denture I had & was given an over denture! Not only was that the “Beginning of my nightmare” but, I now have been “dismissed” from his practice & must seek legal advise!

I am very ill with MS & I didn’t need this headache!!

The major problem here is, I must prove, they screwed up! Well, the lab that makes this system, is the ONLY lab in the US that does! So, there’s really NO WHERE to go to get it evaluated!
I have considered contacting the company as I have “video” of the “rocking” motion along with video of just taking delivery & having them break!! That happened “twice”!! Once, within an hour of having them in! But, I don’t know their “track record” & being that there’s only “One Lab” in the “whole US”??? That scares me!!

Any suggestions you may have, I’m all ears!!!


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  1. sandydig says:

    Bridgework Gone Bad
    by: Stacey Norrell, RDH


    I’m not sure that I can be of much assistance, I have been in dentistry 12 years and have never heard of this type of bridgework/denture structure. It sounds very odd to me and it doesn’t surprise me that this is not commonly used. I am curious, what is the success rate overall with this type of implant denture?
    I’m sorry you are dealing with this hassle. Keep me updated please.

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