Bone Graft Issues

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by debbie

I have been seeing the same dentist for nearly 4 years now. He initially assured me that there would be no issues with me getting implants. I decided to get a removable denture with a bar secured with implants.

He first had to do bone grafts because I have had bone loss due to gum decease in the past. I was already wearing a full denture when I came to him. This is only on my top, my bottom teeth are in good shape. After several months of healing he said the bone looked good and installed 3 implants on each side. He made me a temporary denture to wear while the implants healed.

Within 4 weeks all 6 had come out. He then suggested another bone graft through my sinus I think he may have called it a sinus lift. I was very concerned that this too would have the same results but he assured me that this would work. I have already spent allot of money and this procedure was going to cost me another $2000. He said he was so sure if it didn’t work he’d give me my money back.

After this procedure I noticed that I seemed to have a hole from my gums to my nose. Every time I rinsed or drank, the fluid would come out of my nose. I could blow air from my mouth out of my nose. The dentist said it wasn’t anything to worry about, that he could close it later with collagen.

After months of healing he again put in 6 implants,about 2 weeks later I sneezed and one of the implants came out of my nose. He again said no big deal, 5 implants would be ok. I reminded him of the opening and again he said no problem. Now all the implants have come out, went to another dentist that my dentist wanted to get his opinion on my situation. He said that the sinus opening was causing constant infection and needed to be closed before anything else.

The constant infection is why the implants were coming out. Now my dentist is telling me to have another oral surgeon to fix this and then have them do more bone grafts. Then he will put the implants back in. The cost to have the opening closed to me is $1500, that’s with my insurance covering part of it. The oral surgeon is telling me that the infection has actual caused even more bone lose and will cost me $10,000. I just can’t understand how I should be responsible for these costs.

I don’t want to offend my dentist but feel that if he had listened to my concerns initially that these problems could have been prevented. Is this a common issue with that type of procedure. How can I resolve this with my dentist without offending him. I have already spent over $15,000 and am in worse shape now than when I started.

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  1. sandydig says:

    Bone Graft Issues NEW
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    Hi Debbie,

    I’m very sorry to hear about your predicament. This is not common and is very unfortunate. If you were seeing your dentist for follow up care after the implants he should have been able to identify if there was a significant residual infection. While he may not be at blame at all, it could also be a chance there is a neglect of adequate care. If your dentist is not willing to help with the situation regarding the oral surgeon fees (possibly he could call them and explain what happened) you may need to contact your dental insurance company, or health insurance company to ask for advice on what they recommend you do, or if legal action is needed.

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