Bad Dental Implants

| October 11, 2013 | 1 Comment

Do I have bad dental implants?

I have space under the implant crown – most of my bridge fits well over my gums and implants however there is one area that there is a gap between the crown and the gum. Not only is this annoying as food gets trapped there, but I am concerned about small particles of food becoming trapped and possibly causing bacteria.

I mentioned this to my dentist but his reply is that if he seals the tooth off then it will cause the gum to recede. I don’t understand because most of the crowns fit tightly against the gum, with no gaps. Should I be calling BS on his reply and insist on a repair or replacement or is he correct in this?


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  1. sandydig says:

    Implant Space
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    I agree with your dentist…there needs to at least be a small space there so that you do not have gum recession or root resorption. Other types of crowns work differently and even then there is some space between the bottom of the crown and the bottom of the gum pocket so that it does not cause the gums to detach from the teeth. While I know this can be annoying with food packing and oral hygiene, it is just going to be the way it is. I highly recommend purchasing a WaterPik or other water flossing system and using that regularly in lieu of dental floss. It is very efficient and helps reach these areas that are otherwise hard to clean. Good luck!

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