Appearances during the dental implants procedure

| November 1, 2013 | 1 Comment

by geraldine
(campbell river, bc canada)

I have worn dentures for 40 years. My specialist advised that I am too young to “give up” on my lower jaw and recommends a hip graft as I have lost so much bone. I am considering having the bone graft and 3 denture implants (lower only).

Here is my concern:
As all denture wearers know, it is very embarrassing to be seen without your dentures. My husband, children and grandchildren have never seen me without dentures and I do not want them to. I do not take them out at night. I am worried that my face will look horrible all through this procedure – swelling after bone graft surgery? No lower dentures while waiting for implants? 6 – 9 months before dentures are attached? What if my final look is not natural?

The specialist I have and his recommended surgeon are top notch – I have checked them out and they are very well respected so no worries about choosing the wrong doctors.

Am I overly worried about appearances during the dental implants procedure or will I have to hide while I am waiting for the final denture attachment? Can I keep these overdentures in at night so I can still look good to my husband in the morning? I just want to be able to snap them off to clean them. I am losing sleep over this and cannot decide whether I should go ahead with the procedure or just live with lower dentures that sometimes get food under them because they don’t fit properly. I am OK with my current appearance but maybe I will look better after the procedure?


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  1. sandydig says:

    Appearance During Implant Therapy NEW
    by: Sharon B., RDH

    Hi Geraldine,

    Implant mounted dentures often use a “mini implant” if that is an option, which allows the denture to be delivered the same day of the appointment that the mini implant is placed. If traditional implants are used for support, then yes, an overdenture can be worn to help aesthetics and function.

    As a hygienist, I must warn you…please do not ever wear your dentures during the night when you sleep. This is very unhealthy not only for your gingiva, but for your bone levels as well. Wearing them overnight will cause excess bone recession and bone loss, counteracting the effects of an invasive hip graft procedure. I understand, I am a woman, and we all want to look beautiful. That might just mean waking up a few minutes earlier each day so you can put your denture in before your husband wakes up.

    Go for it! You’ll enjoy the implant dentures!


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